Review your GURU (Driver/Guide) and help them share their New Zealand!
Who was your GURU? *

When did you start your tour of New Zealand? *

Driving Skills *

Did you feel safe at all times?
1 = No
5 = All the Time

New Zealand Knowledge *

Think of the stories they told, the scenic spots they loved and they landscapes they described.
1 = Poor
5 = Amazing

Food & Beverage Suggestions *

What you eat or feel like eating can have a major influence on your mood, especially when you are in a different country with foreign cuisine. GURUS that excel in this area are able to recommend the right restaurant at the right time.
1 = Lost 20kg
5 = Food Coma

Shopping Location Knowledge *

When you head overseas for a holiday, friends and family always expect presents. The hard part is knowing what and where to buy them, also, not paying an exorbitant price for a good actually made overseas. Buying something that is locally made and special to a place can be a much better gift.
1 = No
5 = I'm poor from buying the amazing local goods

Vehicle Cleanliness
Interior and Exterior *

The vehicle and it’s cleanliness inside and out are your environment for the duration of your holiday, making it a very important factor in your overall happiness.
1 = Should've brought my vacuum cleaner with me
5 = Top notch

Personal Presentation *

A GURUS presentation is part of their professionalism.
1 = Sloppy Poppy
5 = Professional Pete

Itinerary Route Knowledge *

This is the research your GURU has done on your specific itinerary to customize the experience to you.
1 = Cookie Cutter
5 = Bespoke to Us

GURU Time Management & Punctuality *

Turning up on time and having the ability to manage the passenger's itinerary as efficiently and effectively as possible is one of the top skills, this could be the difference of feeling rushed the whole time or feeling relaxed. A good guide will make you feel relaxed but also be able to fit in all the locations you hope to see, within reason.
1 = It was a mad panic
5 = It was like a dream

Service *

These are those cherries on top that make you just want to hug your GURU, from opening car doors, helping with luggage or just saying watch your step. It all adds to the customer service that makes a difference.
1 = I felt abandoned
5 = My Hero

Photo Skills *

When your GURU can get that perfect shot of you and your family, or that romantic shot of a couple. It can make a huge impact to your memories, of the GURU and of your journey. Don't be rough on this one as we are still amateurs.
1 = A finger in every shot
5 = iPhone Expert

Do you have any memorable moments with your GURU? You can upload a photo here!

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We hope to see you in New Zealand again soon!
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